This is the face of a pervert who finds it perfectly okay to snapchat women completely unwarranted pictures of his the pinky protruding from his pubic region.

This pervert, who finds himself to be such a quirky geek ~~~ takes to snapchat and displays his willy wonka to girls he’s interested in…because I guess in his little delusional world he feels the need to bless others with his God-bestowed tool of procreation~

The URL of this disgusting individual is http://deathwingstolemyepicz.tumblr.com/

His snapchat handle is St4aywithme, in case you ever feel compelled to compare dick sizes

Or even better, just send him a picture of a bigger one

I wonder how he’d enjoy being on the receiving end of countless unwarranted dick pics?

I know back when I had a larger audience that several of you follow/ed him, so I’m posting this just in case any of you still are, or any of you are speaking to him, or so that those of you who do posses the larger audience can help spread the word about what a creep this guy is and protect any potential victims from being subjected to his style of:

"lol I’m just your average friendly quirky wow geek friend!! :DDDDD" "Hey cutieeee what’s up??" "I hope you’re having a wonderful day darling! <33 :D" *dick pic dick pic* "Oh whoops lol I’m sorry :) I’ve never done that before :x" "lol my bad please don’t hate me :33333"

He wants to expose himself to others?

Let’s hope this is the kind of exposure he was looking for :)